Service Maintenance Program

We are excited to offer our Service Maintenance Program for your pump station equipment.  The service maintenance agreement allows Revolution Pump Services Ltd. to perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance inspections.  Our Service Maintenance Program is valuable as proper regular monitoring, and maintenance ensures efficient operation of the pump stations and the pump’s equipment. 

The inspection consists of many crucial checks.  You will be provided with a detailed report consisting of any issues, concerns & recommendations for repairs on the pump station equipment. You will also be informed of any items on the pump station that require immediate attention so appropriate arrangements for repair can be made.

During the preventative maintenance inspections, Revolution Pump Services Ltd. will perform the following checks and report each station inspection individually.

Preventative Maintenance Program:

  1. Removal of both pumps from sump for visual inspection of impeller and volute for debris, damage and wear
  2. Check oil levels in the pump seals and motor chambers
  3. Perform run amp and motor winding resistance tests
  4. Visual inspection of the control panel and kiosk components
  5. Test and report on primary and control voltage
  6. Manually activate level control floats to ensure stop, start, override and alarm floats are operational and operating in the correct order (Inspection of Milltronics units will also be done if applicable)
  7. Inspection of power and control pump cables will be done while pumps are above ground
  8. Visual inspection of the lift station piping and valves and the mating surface of all slide plate flanges will be inspected for any leaks
  9. Visual inspection of pump chambers: check for foreign objects, sand, debris and grit; will recommend cleaning cycles
  10. Visual inspection of kiosk, locking devices, etc., to insure proper system operation and performance

It is highly recommended that the pump stations be cleaned (using a septic vacuum truck) on a regular basis.  All checks listed above are to help the lift stations run effectively and efficiently.  All recommendations provided on the Inspection Report should be attended to immediately to ensure a proper functioning system and avoid any unnecessary costly emergency repairs.