Revolution Pump Services Ltd.

Revolutions Pump Services Ltd. offers a broad range of services to help with the plumbing, sewage and general pump related needs for a variety of clients ranging through the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal,  and Construction sectors. At Revolution Pump Services Ltd. all our customers are treated equally and provided with the highest level of service. No matter the situation, problem or request, Revolution Pump Service Ltd. will be pleased to accommodate your needs.

Services We Offer:

  1. Repairs, field service and replacements to all makes and models of sewage, effluent and storm water pump stations and controls
  2. Pump repair, re-build, replacement and inspection
  3.  Complete replacement of aging, original pump station pumps, pipe and valve assemblies and controls
  4. Follow up, detailed invoices and quotes for repairs
  5. Scheduled preventative maintenance service inspections and comprehensive report including any recommendations (along with a detailed estimate, if applicable)
  6. New installations, start up commissioning
  7. Knowledge of float and Milltronics liquid level controls
  8. Complete electrical control troubleshooting and motor testing and repairs
  9.  Emergency after-hours field service call-outs and phone consultations
  10. 24-hour contact for pump stations equipped with Security Company monitoring
  11. Direct referral or scheduling of pump station cleaning by a vacuum truck service
  12. Extensive, onboard stock of commonly required parts to help prevent unnecessary return trips to complete repairs
  13. Assistance to help you understand the operation and function of your pump station - we are always available to offer advice or put you mind at ease